Peaceable Kingdom8” x 10” $40
  Mary’s version of this iconic image — creatures, great and small, existing in gracious harmony.
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Got Milk • 8” x 10 ” $40
  This grinning kitty is happy to share his milk with you, he even has soy milk.

Tuscany8” x 10” $40
  Reminiscent of my grandmother’s patchwork quilts, the colorful fields of Tuscany are alive with the most beautiful hues, which only Mother Nature can create.

Summer Fields Under A Watchful Eye8” x 10” $40
  Inspired from the rolling hills and intriguing old barns of my childhood growing up in Tennessee, this painting depicts the fields alive with color from long summer days.

Yellow Pear on Blue With Lilies8” x 8 ” $35
  This luscious pear is set against a Tiffany blue background and is a buzz with blooming lotus flowers, lily pads, lady bugs, butterflies and a lucky dragon fly.

Yellow Pear On Orange With Tulips • 8” x 8 ”• $35
  This plump pear is kept company by red tulips and white daisies set against a sun-kissed orange background.

Love Pears • 8” x 8 ”• $35
  All couples should spend at least an hour a day cuddling. I read somewhere “a cuddle a day, helps keep the doctor away.

Yellow Pear on Red With Daisies • 8” x 8 ”• $35
  Red the color of passion, daisies symbolizing loyalty, purity and simplicity-a combination sure to add a little life and love to your home.

Red Pear On Magnolia Blossoms • 8” x 8 ”• $35
  This red pear is glowing with life and is set against a beautiful background of blooming magnolias sure to add a little “Southern Charm” to any room.

Liberty Lion • 8” x 8 ”• $35
  Miss Liberty holds up her lamp for you and the famous NYC Public library lions, both poised and protecting the great city of New York.

Empire State • 8” x 8 ”• $35
  One of the city’s most beloved buildings surrounded by intersecting subway lines and twin water towers set against a blazing orange sunset.

Black And White Rooster • 8” x 8 ”• $35
  This strutting fellow is sure to add a lot of personality to any kitchen or living room.

White Rooster • 8” x 8 ”• $35
  This fancy feathered rooster knows it is never to early to start your day and make it one to remember.

Wake Up Call • 8” x 8 ”• $35
  These four feather friends are sure to brighten your day and night!

Pink Tea Pot • 8” x 8 ”• $35
  Call a friend and set a date to catch up over tea and your favorite sweets.

Floral Teapot & Lemons • 8” x 8 ”• $35
  Morning tea, afternoon tea, evening’s always a good time to enjoy a spot of tea!